Simple Rating System


The Products

We pick products at random and buy the product ourselves.  Actually we wouldn’t mind getting free samples from manufacturers.  So, if you are a manufacturer and want us to try your product, send us an email using the Contact Us page

The Claims

The claims are found on the package, in the manufacturer’s commercials, or on their website.  We tell you the exact claim.  Not all claims are rated. 

The Disclaimer
This is NOT scientific!!!  We do NOT compare like products to each other.  We do NOT have scientific labs.  We simply use the product as a consumer to see if it Works AS Promised.

The Ratings

When a claim is true, it will get a WASP thumbs up.  When we cannot get the product to meet the claim, it gets a WASP thumbs down.  If it does, but doesn't, we're not sure, it gets a WASP thumbs neutral.  Each claim is rated separately.  

The WASP Seal

The overall rating is simple too.  If the product has more WASP thumbs up, it gets a WASP seal of thumbs up.  If a product has more WASP thumbs down, it gets a WASP seal of thumbs down. If the product has more WASP thumbs neutral or equal WASP thumbs up and down, it gets a WASP seal of thumbs neutral.  That’s it.  Now remember, the seal only applies to the claims we tried.  Not EVERY claim the manufacturer makes! 

YOU be the final JUDGE of the product!

Works AS Promised
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