Who's Who of Trier's
Just some regular folk.  We may be experts in our field of choice, but that's it.  We are not scientists, nor do we have expertise in the products we are testing.  We are just consumers that want to know if the product we are about to buy, is as the manufacturer claims it to be.  No more searching, wondering, "Did someone plant this information to get me to buy it?" But, we are not saying any company would actually do that.
Kate - happily retired from 25 years in the IT industry.  Still loves playing with technology and apparently, acronyms.
Vic - handsome lady killer home improvement contractor that loves his sons.
Deb - hard working beauty in the paving business that is addicted to Cafe World and loves her crazy cats.
DJ - new graduate and mother trying to make a way for herself in this crazy world that loves being in her pajamas watching a Law & Order marathon.
Val - customer service manager with a killer smile that loves horror movies and cats.
Tom - cabinet maker extraordinaire that loves golf, his wife and sons, not necessarily in the order.
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