Space Bags® review

Space Bags® are a registered product of ITW Space Bags.

Claims by the manufacturer on their packaging and website

Works AS Promised

Trier’s comments:

"The stack of clothes went from 5" to 2".  We will be buying more.  Great for attics and musty basements."
CLAIM 1:  Airtight

Our bags were put in a mildew smelling room and believe it, the contents came out NOT smelling like mildew!

CLAIM 2:  Waterproof

We put the filled bag into a sink full of water, seal side in the water.  Yes we did.  Not one drop of water leaked into the bag.  And, it floats! 


CLAIM 3:  Reusable

Yes, they are reusable, but one bag was not airtight and waterproof after the first use.  The air leaked out and the bag puffed back up.  So second time around, if you are looking for airtight and waterproof, make sure the air stays in and you should be okay.


CLAIM 3:  No wrinkles

The clothing came out wrinkled where the folds were, but not crumpled by the compression of the air.  It's not a replacement for ironing, but we expected more wrinkles.

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