Nailtiques #2 review

Nailtiques #2 is a registered trademark of Nailtiquesr.
Claims by the manufacturer on their packaging and website

Works AS Promised

Trierís comments:

"We just love this product.  It is worth every penny, but you do have to keep up the routine for it to keep working"
CLAIM 1:  Nails that are soft will see a marked imrovement
One coat a day, so you are building on top of the coat from yesterday and our nails went from soft and bendy to hard after a couple of uses.  Remove all after a week and start over.
CLAIM 2:  Help to bond nails that are splitting or peeling
This was one of our biggest problems.  We're not sure what causes the peeling or why this product works (they say its the protein) but this stuff really stops the peeling.  Amazing, no more peeling nails.
CLAIM 3:  Helps to strengthen the nail resulting in long, strong and healthy nails
Now try a coat of nail polish on top of the first coat of Nailtiques#2, then each day top with a coat of Nailtiques #2.  Wow, your nails do feel stronger and healthier!  Also, the nail polish seems to shine brighter.
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