CLAIM 1:  Fast Start up - Google Chrome loads in a snap
Well, this product does start up fast.  As a matter of fact, it literally loads in the snap of a finger.
CLAIM 2:  Fast Loading - Google Chrome loads web pages quickly
Web pages come up very quickly, not in a snap, but we tried some pretty complicated web pages and we didn't even get a chance to look at our sidebar for the latest news.
CLAIM 3:  Fast Search - search the web right from the address bar
Your address bar is also a search bar.  If you don't enter a valid web address, it automatically does a Google search.  Kinda clever in our opinion and saves precious toolbar space on your browser.
CLAIM 4:  Runs applications with lightening speed
I don't know about lightening speed, but we like to play Cafe World on Facebook and I will tell you, if you use this product the game will play faster.

Trier’s comments:

"If you play games online, this is the browser for you.  Don't forget to empty the cache once in awhile. "
Google Chrome review
Google Chrome for Windows®, Vista® and 7 is a registered product of Google.
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